Our movement into the 21st century has neither been smooth nor very happy as we find the atmosphere and water increasingly polluted. In the cities, the air getting dustier and dirtier, and this atmospheric pollution is becoming troublesome and dangerous to every living entity, human, and animal alike. Our modern civilization is basically responsible for the pollution in the atmosphere. Let us discuss the causes of this atmospheric or environmental pollution.

Firstly, the tremendous rise in population is much at the basis of pollution problem. With the increase in population we need more house, more vehicles, which emits smoke and gases. Naturally, forests areas are reduced trees are cut down to make room for houses with the result that there is more of Carbon dioxide and less freshness in the air.

Secondly, the setting up of industrial centers and factories in areas close to cities and towns adds to the already existing pollution. No doubt, cities go on expanding and reach close to industrial areas of states outside. However, through careful planning residential areas can be located very far away from industrial complexes.

Thirdly, tons of garbage and industrial wastes are dumped in rivers and falling oil from ships in the ocean causes dangers to the sea life as well as human life. This causes insanitation, killing of fishes or sea animals or harms their growth. The atomic waste of atomic reactors thrown into the sea contaminates the water over long distances.

In the fourth place, the burning of chemicals and emission of Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases by heave machines and vehicles add greatly to atmospheric population. Besides heating the earth, it causes storms, floods, and dryness. The air we breathe becomes impure and affects are health adversely. The burning and air conditioning processes disturb the ozone layer above the atmosphere dangerously. The disturbed ozone layer does not stop all the dangerous ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth.

We should act quickly to check other kinds of pollution apart from those that are discussed above. Population growth needs to be controlled immediately, especially in the developing countries. Carbon dioxide and other gases should not be emitted in disturbing quantity. We need to understand the true dimensions of population. If we do not activate ourselves for pollution control, this situation will surely get out of control, as we will advance further into the new century. We better must take serious measures to control it while it is manageable.