A good scholarship essay is a key to secure you a place in a college or university and reduce most of your college costs. With stiff competition for scholarship, you certainly want to assure that your essay stands out from the rest to stand a chance to qualify for a scholarship. It is difficult to write about yourself so you definitely need some time to evaluate yourself and write an essay with a well thought out plan and strategy. This article will help you write a scholarship essay. Follow some simple tips below to write scholarship essays.

Select a Topic

Some colleges and universities allow students to choose their own topics while some require choosing one from a list of topics. If you are allowed to select your own topic than opting for writing about your accomplishments in the high school. Make sure it is related to the particular academic discipline you are applying for.

Create an Outline

Arrange your ideas and points logically. Determine how you will start your essay. Make sure that the essay is easy to read following a logical pattern.

Write a Draft

Create your first essay draft and just leave it. Do not think about it too much. After a day or two start editing your essay when it is not fresh in your mind. Look for any possible errors in the structure and grammar of the essay. Avoid using slang language and long sentences. Let your friends, parents, and teachers read your essay. It may be difficult to find loopholes in your own essay so having others read it is a good idea to make sure the essay is flawless.


Revise your essay over and over. Check for common errors like spelling and grammar and eliminate them. Do not just rely on software as it is not very reliable and often skips the errors in the essay.

Email your Essay

Make sure you have followed the instructions carefully. Check whether all the parts of the essay are in place before emailing it. Once you have checked these things email your essay way before the deadline.

Avoid negligence as it can easily cause disqualification. Make sure that everything in the essay in the place. Just relax and wait for the positive outcome.

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