Personal essays consist of your life experiences. You can select a uniquely personal experience of your life and write about it. It does not have to be a whole life biography. For instance, you can choose to write about a particular experience in life that changed your personality. You can write about your relationship with a particular friend while growing up. It can be anything about you. This article will help you write personal essays. Read some easy tips below to write personal essays.


Briefly, introduce what you intend to say in the essay later. A personal essay has to have an outline to give readers an idea what is coming ahead in the essay.

Tell the Personal Experience

Once you have briefed your readers about the essay it is time to share your unique personal experience with them. This is the body of the essay just like other essays but this one does not consist of arguments but a personal experience that you intend to share with the readers. In this section of the essay just focus on telling the story about your personal experience. You can write the entire essay in the first person unless specified.

Conclude the Essay

Once you have written the body containing your story, write down the conclusion. Just summarize briefly what you have written in the body of the essay. In the last paragraph conclude your essay by focusing on the key points of the essay and telling the readers what you have learned from a particular experience.

Personal essays are simple and easy to write. The intention of writing such essays should be to convey a message to the readers through your personal experience.

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