Thesis proposals are essential components of graduate schools. Thesis proposals are an introduction to your main thesis project in which you just propose an idea along with the thesis topic to your professor. Your professor examines it and either approve or disprove it. This thesis proposal basically gives your professor an idea about your thesis topic and your research methodologies and he she guides you to make necessary changes when working on the main thesis project. This article will guide you to write thesis proposals. Keep reading below to find some interesting ways to write thesis proposals.

The Title Page

The first step to write your thesis proposal is to make a title page in which you write a title for your thesis in one phrase that should describe your entire thesis. The next step is to write your name, the name of your institution, your department, the name of your professor and the date. There may be other specifications that you need to include on the title page but it depends on your professor. Whatever specifications your professor requires make sure to include them.

Write an Abstract

Once you have a title page start writing an abstract. Abstract consists of background information about your topic along with all the key points that you intend to discuss in your main thesis project. In other words, an abstract is a brief summary of your entire thesis project to give the readers an idea what it consists of. Limit your abstract to at most 200 words. Provide essential information such as the purpose of your thesis and the final outcome of your thesis project.

The Introduction

The next step is to write the introduction. The introduction of the thesis is longer than the abstract and may consist of 2 pages. Include any sources you may have used for the thesis project in such a way as to make your readers keep reading. Include the thesis statement which states the purpose of your thesis and the result it may serve at the end. Start writing the thesis body once you have written the introduction. Provide research methodologies and the way you intend to use various sources for your main thesis project. Explain all your thesis ideas such the use of citations, the facts and figures you may use and any calculations you intend to perform. Conclude your thesis proposal with possible results of your hypothesis. If you have achieved any results explain them to your readers. Now complete your thesis proposal with a bibliography consisting of all the sources you have used in the thesis proposal.

Submit your thesis proposal and wait for positive results.

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