What is an Essay Introduction?

Every essay consists of three vital components. An introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Without any of these components, an essay is incomplete. In this article, we will focus on how to write the introduction of an essay. An introduction of an essay is where the essay begins. It is the first thing that a reader comes across when reading the essay. An introduction to an essay sets the tone for the entire essay. Failing to write an appealing and catchy introduction can lead your readers to put your essay away without reading it. Below are some easy tips to write an interesting introduction for an essay.

Begin Strongly

You can begin by writing a question so as to evoke curiosity among the readers or a short story related to the topic. People like reading stories and if you provide a brief story related to the topic it can make the introduction very interesting.

Provide Background

Once you have grabbed readers’ attention provide some background information or main ideas in the introduction. Just introduce the key ideas but do not provide lengthy details as that has to be done when writing the main body.

Write the Thesis Statement

Before winding up the introduction write the thesis statement or the problem question. Thesis statement provides the reader an idea about the scope of your essay. It tells the reader about the existing problem that you intend to solve providing facts and logical arguments in the main body.

When writing the introduction of an essay make sure it is direct and to the point. Do not provide lengthy and irrelevant details as it can put your readers off. Keep your introduction brief and simple as to give your readers an idea what your essay consists of.

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