How to Write College Application Essays?

Students often find themselves bewildered when it comes to writing college application essays. The basic problem mostly faced is what and how to write a college application essay to get noticed by the college examiners. The basic purpose of a college application essay is to judge a particular student in terms of his/her academic and personal qualities to be able to contribute something sufficient to the desired college. A college application essay helps examiners judge students about their strengths and weaknesses. The quality of a college application essay determines acceptance or rejection of a student. Therefore, a bit of preparation is of vital importance before writing the essay to keep hopes alive. This article will help you to write college application essays. Read below to learn to write a college application essay.

Select a Personal Statement

It can be a personal biography such as the challenges you faced during your life and how these challenges made you a person you are now. It reveals to the examiners what kind of a person a student is and how he/she will cope with the pressures and challenges of college life.

Include Academic Credentials

It is important to include the past academic credentials while writing college application essays. You can also include activities related to community services and extracurricular activities.

Provide Relevant Information

Provide relevant information according to the requisites of the college. Do not write anything that is not asked or irrelevant as it can reduce your chances to make it to the college. Some colleges may provide the question to write the college application essay on while some leave it to the students. Try to be honest and only provide what is important and relevant for the examiner to know.

Write Coherently

Any type of haphazard writing can lead to rejection so make sure you write clearly and assertively to make a good impression. Plan beforehand what you need to write and organize your thoughts accordingly to avoid muddled writing. Once you have finished writing the essay proofread it to make sure it appears presentable for the readers.

Keep an eye on the word limit while writing the college application essay.

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