Sample College Entrance Essay

Words 455

Please explain why you believe your unique cultural, educational and life experiences will enhance the educational experience of the freshman class at Auburn.

I come from a closely-knit family comprising of my dad, mom and myself. In spite of coming from a very small family, I don’t feel that I lost much by not having other siblings. This is because basically I am very close to both my parents, who are more like friends to me and they are the first people I turn to for any problem I have. And secondly because I believe I am a very friendly person, I have a large number friends, and most of these friendships are not superficial as is common in most cases, instead, I have long-lasting relationships with my friends, and I have worked hard to maintain these associations with utmost sincerity on my part. And this quality of building long-term relationships with people will be particularly helpful to me in the time I spend at Auburn. This is because I can interact with different people at their own levels, this acts as a positive reinforcement, and this approach has been particularly helpful with my teachers as well as with my peers making interaction much easier. And since as a freshman I will be in a new place with new people this quality will come in handy as communicating will be easier, and also the benefit of sharing of ideas and thoughts is helpful for everyone.

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