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One of the most important questions in the sociology of the Third World is the following: What constitutes successful resistance? That may seem to be a simple question, but it is simple only syntactically, for it contains embedded within it a complexly layered model of the nature of relationships among peoples and nations. Even though it is often not mentioned specifically, at the heart – of the arguments put forth by writers such as Mike Davis and Fatima Mernissi and George Collier is the fact of globalization, the politico-economic connections that currently exist among various nations and in many ways define our modern world. In order to understand the alternatives that may exist in this form of social organization, we must therefore first define the phenomenon of globalization.

Globalization is often used as a synonym for “transnationalism”. Globalization, in general, refers to the ways in which capital, people, information and images and culture now flow back and forth across national borders with a greater ease and greater rapidity than they had before. It is important to remember this inclusive definition of globalization. It is not simply an economic phenomenon, nor is it one that necessarily benefits one group of people (the already-powerful, for example) over other groups, such as the disenfranchised). Rather, it simultaneously allows the disenfranchised to gain greater autonomy, to find their voice, even as it allows those with the power to try to suppress these upwelling voices with ever-greater efficiency:

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