The day you step into the elementary school essay writing journey begins from a very basic level. As you climb the stairs and move up the ladder of the academic world you come across more complicated and twisted essay writing problems. This proves that essay writing is inevitable as far as you are a part of the academic world. Essay writing is also something that is most hated by most of the students as it is very time consuming and requires skills such as being able to write proficiently and doing research. This article will help you identify the importance of writing essays. The article will help you learn why writing essays are so important to for mental development. Read below and find out why.

Intellectual Growth

Essay writing involves doing research to explore the given topic and analyze certain pros and cons of an argument. It facilitates the critical thinking ability, and as you go more in depth of a topic it allows you to take decisions based on the facts and figures. These practices are vital for intellectual growth. It inculcates deep thinking and broadens horizons to be able to look into a problem from various angles in order to solve it.

Prepares for the Future

As essay writing becomes more and more complicated with every step ahead academically it prepares a student for more challenging future assignments. It brings mental discipline and the ability to think beyond one’s comfort zone. It nurtures skills to handle and absorb pressure and prepares a student for future assignments.

An academic world without essay writing is indeed incomplete. Taking essay writing seriously is the only option left after knowing how important it is for mental development.

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