No matter what academic level you belong to writing lengthy essays is never fun. Nearly every student out there hates to write essays and term papers. The moment an essay is assigned, it is put aside only to be completed in the last hours resulting in panic and disorganization. We call this practice procrastination when you leave your tasks to be completed some other time. This article is about overcoming procrastination when writing essays. You have to be serious if you are determined to overcome what you have been doing since ages. Learn to avoid procrastination following some easy tips below.

Start Promptly

One of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to avoid thinking too much and start working on the task at hand immediately. In case of essay writing what you can do is to stop thinking too much about ifs and buts of writing the essay and begin with the process promptly. You have been writing essays since ages all you need to do is begin the process much earlier to avoid complications later.

Break it into Smaller Parts

To solve a big problem it must be broken down into simpler, easier achievable steps in the short run. Similarly, break down your essay writing problem into achievable tasks. Prioritize each task according to the time it may take and begin the process. Have a well-devised plan before you approach writing the essay. Most of the time research making is the most time-consuming task so begin with doing research initially.

Follow these simple tips and defeat procrastination for good. You will notice that your essays will be completed well before the deadline, and you will have ample time for revision and correcting the errors.

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