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Matching the correct medication can be tricky, and an adjustment procedure is adopted. If the patient is forthcoming discusses his or her effects and signs and reporting the symptoms and side effects that occur, so the doctor can prescribe the best suitable medicine to meet needs of each patient. It is also essential to understand the side effects of some drugs or items, like the effects of alcohol or sunshine on the efficacy of the medicine. In a research study conducted by The University of Manchester’s Division of Psychiatry has found that patients react in a similar way and maybe even better to older psychiatric medicines which are much more expensive than the older medicines. (Medical News Today)

Research also shows that the prescription drugs are not always very effective.

More rigorous psychosocial rehabilitation methods and techniques together with, cognitive therapy may be required to bring about more positive and more general gains in performance. Research also shows that over a year it is important to give medicine however the medicine is not sufficient enough to lead to a more active psychosocial living. (Swartz et al., 2007)

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