Ben’s parents had an odd behavior and his aunt had been institutionalized on several occasions. Ben’s behavior had already been quite odd according to his colleagues at the workplace but it started becoming even more precarious gradually. He seemed confused and inappropriate in social situations. One of his co-workers defined that while making a routine delivery Ben handed the delivery box to a passing by pedestrian stating that it was a gift from God for her. The confused pedestrian reported the matter to Ben’s senior. The next day when asked by his supervisor about the delivery being mistakenly made to a pedestrian he did not recall the incident and was not able to give any explanation.

Ben started complaining about his vital organs rotting inside his body. The medical tests proved his claims wrong. He spent most of his time in solitary activities like watching TV. He complained about hearing celebrity voices asking him to mend his ways and avoid making any more errors.

Ben is clearly suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia as the symptoms suggest. He is hearing voices which are a common symptom of psychosis. He suspects that people in his neighborhood are plotting against him and may kill him and the false belief that his liver is malfunctioning and rotting despite negative medical results. But unlike other types of schizophrenia where it is difficult for a person to function on a daily basis due to deteriorating cognitions Ben has been able to live a normal working independent life (Paranoid Schizophrenia, 2007).

Among the therapy treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy can be the most effective one in order to change the delusional thinking pattern of Ben. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps change one’s outlook on one’s own self and the world in general. It can help the patient think in a more logical and rational way. CBT is an essential skill that patients like Ben suffering from paranoid schizophrenia can utilize and make their lives more productive and goal oriented.

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