This research paper analyzes the aging process in human beings.

1,200 Words (Approx. 4.3 pages), 5 Sources, APA, 2010.


This research paper takes an in-depth look at the aging process in human beings and its causes. The aging process begins as soon as a child begins to form in a woman’s womb. Aging is inevitable and it is the natural process of transformation of the human body physically and mentally. Furthermore, the author of the research paper discusses some apparent reasons of aging and how it can be delayed by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

From the Paper

The study of aging is called ‘gerontology’ (Stibich, 2009). Over the years the study of aging process has made a significant progress. There are two major theories related to aging. One theory suggests that aging is natural and a human body is programmed naturally to age and eventually cease to function at a certain age resulting in death. The second theory suggests that aging is mainly caused by adopting unhealthy lifestyles. In other words, human beings cause aging process due to insufficient nutrient intake and unhealthy living thus inviting the inevitable damage to the body.

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