This essay discusses the value of good health to lead a happy life.

1,500 Words (Approx. 6 pages), 4 Sources, APA, 2006.


This essay discusses the vital importance of good health to lead a happy and peaceful life. Health is one of the most important components of a good life. Without good health everything seems unworthy. Good healthcare is supposed to be one of the top priorities of human beings in order to achieve success and happiness in life. The author of the essay provides some useful tips on how to maintain good health by having a healthy lifestyle and diet.

From the Essay

Health is defined as the state where body, mind and soul are integrated as one whole (Cohen, 2003). It is the where one is free from any kind of physical and mental diseases and pain. Health is considered as wealth as without maintaining good health life can become a burden and everything may seem worthless. Maintaining good health is the key to lead a happy and successful life where one can enjoy the treasures…………

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