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In a recent article which was published in the New York Times (2001), a Malaysian lawyer and writer said:

“The Saudis have used the prestige attendant on the fact that they are the guardians of the two holy centers, Mecca and Medina, and their enormous wealth, to propagate their own interpretation of the Koran. An underlying tenet of the Ahab approach is this pan-Islamic sense that demands that converted people should be leached of their culture”.(Patel, 2003)

Hence, what comes across is the fact that fundamentalism has no room and space amongst those who adhere to the modern ideology of Islam as for them Islam is a religion which just outlines a way of life which can be in conjunction with the liberal viewpoints as long as it does not question the basic elements of Islamic beliefs.

Hence, if one was to identify the historical developments and the present developments, the situation has become more of a struggle instead of a revolution. In the present times, there is a struggle between the Muslim totalitarian who adhere to violent means which has no room in Islamic ideology ad between those who adhere to Islamic ideology while culminating liberal thoughts along with them.

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