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As industrialization continues to take its toll on planet earth a proportional increase in pollution is also being observed and all this gives rise to the phenomenon of the Greenhouse Effect that our planet is currently experiencing.  It is an alarming stage that our planet has reached and if the ongoing pollution is not controlled the results may be devastating.

Now we shall take a look at the term greenhouse effect itself. A greenhouse is a building that is constructed of materials that can enable the sun’s rays to pass through them like glass, plastic etc. the passage of the sun’s rays inside the greenhouse consequently causes the air inside to heat up. As there is not much provision for this air to escape the greenhouse, the air continues to get hotter and hotter. This is what is happening to our earth and making it warmer day by day. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen etc are the gases produced abundantly in the continuing industrialization. These gases while escaping into the atmosphere get trapped in the ozone layer as a result of which the sun rays have a hard time escaping the earth. Consequently, the rays stay on earth and make it warmer and warmer.

The consequences of the greenhouse effect are quite dangerous. If the temperatures continue to rise at the same place, the result can be severe droughts and food shortage as crops will be damaged due to the intense heat. This would also lead to rising sea levels due to rapid snow melting on mountains and unpredictable weather changes will create further problems.

The continued race of nations competing and trying to outdo each other to create things bigger and the better way has led to the ongoing industrialization and the consequent rise in pollution. Mankind should get alert and get things in control before it is too late and we get destroyed due to our own actions.

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