Every academic paper consists of three major components such as the introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. These components are the key components of every term paper. The term paper introduction serves two basic purposes. First, it helps grab the attention of the reader and second, it informs the readers about the nature of the topic on which the term paper is written. After reading the introduction a reader must be able to know what is coming ahead in the main body of a term paper. This article provides some of the key aspects of an introduction that must be present in a term paper introduction. Keep reading the article to learn more about term paper introduction.

Consists of Background Information

Every term paper introduction must consist of background information on most of the key parts discussed precisely. The background information on the topic helps readers assess what the topic is all about and what it consists of. In addition, it helps readers connect with the previous research findings on the topic. The background information should be brief and direct. There must not be any irrelevant information included making the term paperless interesting.

Thesis Statement

There is no use of writing a term paper without a thesis statement. It is a question made of the topic that has to be answered in the main body by providing logical arguments and facts and figures to support the arguments. A thesis statement must be written in the introductory paragraph of the term paper. It tells the readers about the importance of the term paper. The readers must know why they should read the term paper.

The term paper introduction must be a microcosm of the entire term paper. It must be interesting and attention-grabbing.

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