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A term paper introduction is the most important part because this is where a reader starts reading from. If the introduction of a term paper is not well written than readers may not read it further. The introduction sets the tone for the entire term paper and it has to be written with extreme care. Other parts such as the main body and a conclusion are also very important because without any of these elements a term paper is incomplete. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to how you can write a term paper introduction. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider.

Asking a Question

You can begin your term paper introduction by asking a question as to evoke curiosity among the readers. It is a way of drawing your readers into reading the entire term paper. The reader may become curious after reading the question and would want to find the right answers and may read the entire term paper.

Provide Background Information

Provide background information about the main theme of your term paper. Introduce all the key points one by one and provide a brief background. However, do not write a summary as that can make it too long. Do not discuss the main points in detail yet just introduce them one by one.

Provide Thesis Statement

Write down the thesis statement telling the readers about the main objective of your term paper. In other words what your readers will achieve by reading your term paper.

Be Precise

Try to be as precise as you can be.  Avoid discussing anything out of the context as that can put your readers off. Avoid repeating same thing over and over. Try to be as direct as you can be.

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