It is important to write an outline before start working on a research paper. It will always keep you on the right track and this will lead you to a successful writing of a research paper. A lot of teachers put stress on making an outline for your research paper because they know its significance. Here are some steps to write an outline for your research paper.

  • Step 1:

Choose your topic with careful research. You need to research the topic at the first place before getting started with your work. Selecting a topic can either make your job easy or complicated. Therefore it is important to choose an interesting and easy topic.

  • Step 2:

Find sources from the best databases because these databases contain newer sources as well as the old ones. You can use books, articles, journals, periodicals, and websites. Always find credible and reliable sources.

  • Step 3:

List references for the bibliography for the paper. Keeping a record of your references is important. This will keep your concentration and will help you finish the work on time.

  • Step 4:

Use the statements in different paragraphs with connecting links between them. Do not forget to add in-text citations while writing your research paper. Make sure that you have mentioned enough information in the paragraphs that can be used easily once you will start writing the paper.

  • Step 5:

Do not add too much in the outline and in a vague manner because this can confuse you when you will start working on the paper. Divide all the materials in a list with topics, subtitles, and their details.

  • Step 6:

You can write a rough draft by using this outline. Always check grammar and spelling mistakes in your draft so that when you will be writing the final paper, you will not make any mistake. List the bibliography with respect to the format and style you are using for your paper.

These are the very easiest steps for making an outline of your research paper. Outlines are very productive and better in writing an error-free paper. By following the above steps you can easily write a quality research paper.