Writing a research paper is something that no student can get away from. Before starting to write your research paper you will have to write and submit a proposal for your research paper. This proposal has to be very good in order for it to get accepted by your teachers. The acceptance of the proposal means the acceptance of the topic you have chosen to write your research paper on.

Read this article till the end to learn some tips on how to write a proposal for your research paper.

Grab attention

Your proposal should be such that it instantly grabs the attention of its readers. The first thing that any person will read in your proposal is its title; therefore make sure that you have a very catchy title. It should be something that evokes your readers to read further.

Inform readers

The next step of your proposal will be to tell the readers a little about your topic, why you have chosen this topic, your research questions, how you plan to go about the topic in your research paper and what kind of information you are looking for


Give reasons why you think your topic is necessary to address, give details about the knowledge that you already have on your topic and some major issues that you think need to be tackled in your research paper which is why you have chosen this particular topic.

Give sources

In this part of your proposal for the research paper give all the sources from which you have taken information. All the websites that you have visited, all the books that you have referred to and the surveys and interviews you have conducted. All should be mentioned in this paragraph.

Be practical

You can’t just show the strengths of your research paper in its proposal. You have to be practical, there has to be some sort of drawbacks and weaknesses in the topic that you have chosen. Make sure you mention those weaknesses in your proposal. This is important because if the weaknesses are looked to be too weak then your teacher can advise you to either change your topic or make amends in it before starting to write the research paper.

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