I have chosen Data-Intensive Systems Track, for my master program. This particular program is particularly interesting to me because the various systems and data management courses are offered as core to this program and with particular emphasis on management and its implementation. The suggested electives are also very motivating as many are related to web based designs and architecture and are geared towards making the user more in sync with the data. All courses are very close to the developments occurring in his field, and I think as I go through the program many more innovations will be experienced by me.

As we are bombarded with more and information and raw data with each passing day, the need for more better and improved data management and implementation becomes more of a necessity. Particularly in case of organizations, whether public or private, profit or nonprofit organization. The amount of information being processed from email memos to financial information to purchase and marketing is tremendous, therefore there is a need to organize process and manage data to translate it into useful information and knowledge that can be used to not only organize and manage the entity but to decrease costs and improve the flow of it as well, so that people get the information in time to make the right decision.

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