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For some individuals, life is something which he or she leads depending on external impetus and developments which make them react to all that might happen to them in the course of their lives. These people are mostly dependent on these forces which shape and define their lives, therefore most of the time they are in no position to chart their life or plan their both personal and professional existence on their own. There are another set of individuals who instead of being bogged down by external forces are from the very beginning extremely focused, from an early age they know what they want out of their life at least in terms of short terms goals, for instance being at the top of the class, or working towards being more popular, and in some cases they also know what they want to do with their lives in terms of their careers. These individuals plan and prepare from the beginning they have a strategy and they work accordingly if they meet some hurdles they are generally prepared to deal with most of the eventualities.

I believe that I belong to the second category of individuals, from a very young age I have been very competitive, always trying to be the best in whatever I do. This is the reason that I have progressed steadily from different levels and now I am ready to do my Master’s degree in the field of finance. Before I discuss the reasons why I have chosen this particular area of study, I would first briefly describe my academic and non-academic achievements.

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