Sociology Assignment

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Answer 1

The “ideal type” was a description of an occurrence related to organizations where they were moving towards more pure type or ideal type. These organizations have three common features:

  • Specialization: more and more employees have more clearly defined responsibilities and they have targets which are quantifiable, and their expertise is limited to specific areas.
  • Sub-division: division of tasks into manageable segments so that each individual employee can work within his own specialization
  • Hierarchy: this is the chain of command where subordinates are answerable to the superiors.

In the past hundred years Weber’s theory has been practically been seen as development and technology has led the different organizations to develop systems which have adopted these features, and these features have made the organizations not only profitable but successful in such a way that they have been able to influence the society. The attempts at increasing efficiency of the operations and systems in organizations have led to the transformation of the society and culture which has become more and more like a fast food outlet—this phenomenon is called McDonaldization, coined by Ritzer.

McDonaldization has changed the way that people live, work and exist. The lives of individuals have been dehumanized in the drive for efficiency where the organizations like fast food outlets try to quantify and control everything from the employee to the product to the customer, and this is evident even in the education systems when universities today offer pre-packaged courses, where grades are standardized and even the evaluation is conducted on standardized formats. And the main principles of this are efficiency, calculability, uniformity, and control.

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