Sample Paper on Abortion

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Abortion is the process whereby a pregnancy is brought to an end. This action is considered to be morally as well as ethically wrong. The procedure of abortion involves ending the life of an embryo/fetus which is considered illegal in most countries as it involves killing an innocent child’s life. Not only does abortion involve the murder of a child, the woman having this procedure done also puts herself in great danger.

Not only this, she deprives herself of meeting a new human being. There is a vast debate surrounding abortion as people have different views regarding it. Most people believe that since murder is wrong, abortion should be wrong as well. However, against this statement, people argue that since the child is still unborn, murder isn’t actually taking place (Wolf).

Paper on Abortion

Abortion is however considered a form of murder as even if the child is unborn, the fetus is a living and breathing thing. The question then comes that if the killing of a child after his birth is wrong, why is the killing of an unborn child not considered to be wrong and being categorized as murder?

The major reason behind considering abortion as an immoral and unethical act is due to the way it is carried out. Abortion is a procedure which is quite harmful and is done very viciously. A fetus which could evolve into a beautiful and happy child is destroyed and murdered. There are different ways of carrying out abortion. One of these ways consists of cutting the fetus using a serrated piece of equipment while it is still in the womb. The child…

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