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Considering the literature across cultures, writing styles have various diversified forms and styles including fiction, tales, fables, parables, epic poems and a recent and popular addition categorized by the name short stories which is a quite a different and unique take on the otherwise conventional and detail oriented styles of writing. Seven essential components of a short story add to the diversity of it namely characters, plot, setting, theme, narrator, style, and tone. A character is an illusory representation of one or more people involved in the story. Each individual part of the story is termed as a character.

The plot can be thought of as the execution plan comprising the main events that make up the story according to the writer’s point of view. Suitable visual representation narrated by the writer is one of the key factors significantly helping the reader to better get into the depth of the story and relate to it. Hence the setting which encompasses the entire placement of a short story from the time period or era in which the story is set, to the social setup and locations play a reasonably significant role in accentuating the story line.  The central idea of the story or the main purpose or message that it aims to convey is what the theme of a story actually is. In other words, it’s the impact or the message a reader ends up with after reading a short story. All the major and minor components of a story like the character portrayal, title, dialogue exchange and visual representation combine together to highlight the theme. A narrator is a person voicing out the story – it may or may not be the writer. Style and tone are attributes dynamic to each writer. The way a writer writes and expresses different ideas depict his style and the use of language for the same reflects the tone.

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