Sample Paper – Hamlet

Words 1,200

Hamlet is an over analytical and pessimistic. But, what leads to his downfall is one fatal flaw his, procrastination. He had several chances to kill Claudius but he seems to lose that conviction after his rationality sets in. Yet we feel no sympathy towards Hamlet. Not because he does not have any sympathetic qualities but because two few sympathetic qualities for us to wish to emphasize. Hamlet eventually does the right thing, but it is the way he does the right thing in the wrong way that makes us condemn him. Hamlet thinks too much, he spends to much time deliberating the action whether than taking action. Hamlet is dour in fact every character in the play is dour the only two characters that show any joie de vivre are the clowns who are the morticians. It is ironic that the two characters who enjoy life most are those who face death on regular bases (Muir, Wells, pp. 123-131).

Despite for his bad qualities, he does have several good ones he is very daring and brave. The story holds several examples of his fearless attitude. There are two major examples, first is when he follows the ghost. Hamlet not knowing whether this is a real ghost or a deception, perhaps the devil himself. Despite this, he still followed this transparent apparition. The second major act of bravery is when he is sent to England to his inevitable death. His cognitive dissonance saves his skin. Hamlet suffers moral destruction throughout the play.

In short, one of the main themes of the play is revenge; an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth; but revenge is not always right. We often find that when we get over the initial shock and the rage our emotions balance out and our grudge fades away.

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