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List and annotate four sample websites that you find useful for your educational practice in either curriculum development or lesson planning.  Be sure to explain your reasons for choosing the websites.

Curriculum Deliberation is an introduction of curriculum deliberation written by Peter Pereira — DePaul University. It is a nice summary of the paradigms involved in education.  This description of the curriculum paradigms focuses on the paradigm instructional design was proposed by Schwab in the early 1970’s. This alternative has been loosely labeled ‘curriculum deliberation’ or ‘the practical’ and has its origins in the work of John Dewey. Although Schwab’s work is often cited, it has never achieved the prominence of the first two paradigms. It lacks the apparent simplicity of Tyler’s approach and the attractive nature of critical theory.

“Brainstorming, Idea-mapping, and Organizing Information in the New Millennium” ( ) describes how Microsoft Visio can be applied curriculum mapping. Brainstorming and idea mapping has established a process and organizational practices both common in education and business. Powerful tools such as Microsoft Visio® enable teams to capture ideas and organize and present them more clearly and efficiently than was the case traditionally. This site contains a clear step-by-step description of how to work together in teams to develop curriculum. I liked this site because it gives me information about how Microsoft products can be used for curriculum design. “ Curriculum Integration” was designed to introduce the learner to curriculum integration. This site presents clearly and concisely the learning theories of the following important educational philosophers: John Arnold, James Garbarino, Howard Gardner, Lev Vygotsky and John Dewey. “Curriculum Theory and Practice” by Mark K. Smith ( links curriculum theory and educational practice. This comprehensive and detailed article discusses the various four purposes of curriculum from a historical perspective. This article offers a detailed critique of standards-based curriculum and argues for a curriculum design that will encompass all learning experiences.

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