Psychological Theories Sample Essay

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In the book, ‘Frames of mind’, the theory of multiple intelligences has been proposed by Howard Gardner (Smith). Howard Gardner, in the book, talks about 7 intelligence. He later on added two more intelligence to the existing seven. The very first 2 which he talks about are well respected and valued in the public school system.

These two bits of intelligence are the Logical-Mathematic Intelligence and the other is the Linguistic Intelligence. Linguistic Intelligence as the name states is related to the use of languages. It focuses on the ability of a person to speak in a certain language/languages and to learn new words. The Logical Mathematics Intelligence deals with being able to work well with numbers.

Another type of intelligence is the Musical Intelligence which refers to the ability of a person to be able to perform, recognize and write music. This is something which is not quite easy to do.  Bodily-Kinetic Intelligence refers to making use of the mind as well as the body in order to solve various problems. Visual-Spatial Intelligence tries to understand the patterns of space which exist. Interpersonal Intelligence is the skill which a person has which enables him/her to understand other people.

Intrapersonal, however, refers to being able to understand oneself. The two which Gardner added to the list of seven in 1999 are Naturalist which is the skill one has in order to observe things in the way they are organized. The other intelligence which was added was Existentialist which is the ability of a person to understand the spiritual and philosophical…