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Sociological theories are complicated theoretical frameworks used by sociologist to explain and evaluate variously how social action, social processes, and social structures work. These theories (Sociological theories) are sometimes called social theories, though the later term generally refers to interdisciplinary theory.

In search of the understanding of the global society, sociologists use both sociological theory and interdisciplinary social theories to carry out their social research. These research work will be based on great sociologist who in one way or the other have made great theories that can not be overemphasized, they include Adolph Quetelet in his book “the propensity of crime, Durkheim in his book “The division of labor in society” Park, Burgess, and McKenzie in “The City” Delinquency areas by thrasher in the “The gang” Merton-Social Structure and anomi, Sellin- Culture, conflict, and crime.

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