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There are many people who approach lawyers when they need help regarding certain matters. People deal with lawyers in order to know the exact way of dealing with a legal matter and hence communicate with them to find the best solution to their problem. The communication which takes place between a lawyer and his client or any two people who are sharing confidential information is known as privileged communication.

Privileged communication consists of two people sharing information which neither of the party can share with anyone else, nor can they use the information to testify in court. The communication which exists between an attorney and his client is a form of privileged communication. If for example during the communication between a client and his attorney, the client tells the attorney that he/she has committed a crime, the attorney does not have the right to convey this message to a third party. However, the attorney might decide to not be involved with a client like this that he knows has lied in court. Many attorneys pass the case on to someone else also or another option which may make use of is to convince the client not to testify in court. There are however certain circumstances in which the information which is provided to the attorney by his client needs to be passed on to the proper authorities who then take care of the matter.

Another example of the type of privileged communication which exists in our daily lives is the communication which takes place between a patient and his doctor. The information which a patient discloses to his doctor cannot be passed on to anyone else, not even in court. But again, just like the attorney and client privilege, the communication between the doctor and his patient is not absolute. If…

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