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When something bad happens to a person who is good then people tend to wonder why a person  like that has to go through pain and suffering and also why he or she has to pay a price in terms of life and happiness and also how that one person’s death or suffering effects his or her loved ones. Harold Kushner, who is a Jewish Rabbi, discusses the random deaths and suffering that generally happen to people, like accidents or terminal diseases like cancer or Multiple Sclerosis.  According to him, people try to rationalize the incidents to satisfy their own need to give an answer as to why a person died prematurely or why her children had to suffer because of that.  This paper argues that Kushner’s reasoning is invalid.

Kushner’s Argument

The argument which gives the responsibility of doing these acts to God according to Kushner is not a very sound one because humans have been led to believe through a theology that God is the creator the most powerful force in the world. In addition, he is the one who loves his subjects too and children are raised in the western society—in churches and temples—they are told that God is the most powerful and thus responsible for everything that happens to them.

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