The controversy of the IQ test has been going on for a long time. A debate has been going on about the significance and the implications of IQ tests, and how reliable they really are in measuring intelligence in human beings. This paper discusses and pinpoints the weaknesses of the IQ tests and underlines the facts related to the argument. To discuss the relevance of the testing it is important to define intelligence.

Commonly intelligence has three aspects:

  1. Problem-solving ability.
  2. Verbal ability.
  3. Social intelligence.

This traditional definition is backed up by academics also. (Sternberg et al., 1981). However, Intelligence is a theoretical concept that evades definition. Nevertheless, we think that it is something that can be calculated and measured. In addition, we have woven a web of preconceived notions of what an intelligent person should or should not do. For example, a more intelligent child is encouraged to follow a professional degree, while a less clever child is channeled into softer options like the humanities.

Historical Background

The history of recognized intelligence testing dates back to the 1800s when Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, was commissioned by the French Ministry of Education to create tests to establish which children were not likely to do well in school so that they could get special attention. Stanford psychologists Lewis Terman, who developed the Standford-Binet Test, later modified this test. A number of intelligence tests have sprung up since then, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children and adults, Kaufman’s Intelligence Test and Raven’s Progressive Matrices.

The issue of IQ testing is debatable because it has many limitations as any other tool created by man has certain drawbacks, according to Weinberg (1989),

“Intelligence test development has generally lacked the theoretical basis, the emphasis is instead on the measurement and statistical requirements.

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