In the field of academic paper writing at any level of education or research, it is important that the piece of writing should be creative, original and focused on the specific requirements. In my view, the authenticity of a document is necessary to be acceptable anywhere. Plagiarism which was so easy in the initial years of academic writing is something which is being eradicated quite successfully through plagiarism detection software. However, even at the time when plagiarism was rife in this line of business I always believed in originality and as time has passed it has become quite evident that only those writers can survive and be successful who do not resort to plagiarism. Plagiarism is a kind of misrepresentation; it is passing someone else’s work as your own—whether from the Internet or from published books or articles, either scholarly or otherwise. Whenever credit is not given even if an extract is paraphrased it is tantamount to plagiarism. On the other hand, cut and paste is blatant plagiarism which is direct plagiarism. If a quotation is taken from anywhere then it has to be properly referenced or cited. Similarly, if an idea is taken from any material then it has to be referenced too.

The failure to do so either through negligence or through intentional and deliberate actions of the writer is unacceptable. Plagiarism is both ethically and legally not tolerable. As a writer in this field for quite a while I think plagiarism may seem a shortcut or something you can get away with but sooner or later the writer is caught. Therefore I strive to my fullest to avoid all kinds of plagiarism and research and write papers so that the paper although based on different sources gives credit to the sources to the fullest. To endure as an academic writer one should be very careful and make sure that the piece of work doesn’t end as a copied or plagiarized piece.

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