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The poem Phenomenal Woman is a celebration of womanhood and femininity. The poem is a symbol of everything that is there about a woman, whether she is beautiful or not, no matter what her color, size or shape the poem rings with a pride in the essence of a woman. What the author is trying to say and portray the conflict is what women are and what they are expected to be. Women are expected to fit a certain mold which is created by men and created to suit their needs and their own perspective. On the other hand what the author is saying that the essence of a woman doesn’t change and remains the same the quality is universal to any woman no matter how she appears to men.

The metaphor of bees and honey is very fitting in the second stanza as men are like bees cannot stay away from the honey which is women, so the attraction is always there. And the men falling for women or being enchanted is not something new, however according to the author it shows the attraction and allure is there only because of what women are, because men it appears are helpless in their worship.

The sad part though is that all of these men are only interested in the superficial beauty the outer charm of the woman and fail to understand the inner beauty of the woman the mystery which is always left unexplored. Instead, they are happy just with the outer appearance and the beauty and grace of a woman’s soul are never touched by men as they fail to see it.

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