Personal Statement

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For some individuals degrees are a means to acquire education, or to improve their job and career prospects. For others degrees are not just means to jump ahead they offer a person to add to his or her own education and experience. My career and educational paths are symbols of a systematic and gradual progression through several organizations in different capacities and with each subsequent change, there has been a widening of experience and knowledge base.

I did my bachelors in 1993 majoring in Mathematics, after a lapse of 14 years I acquired my MBA in Finance in 2007. This may indicate a major gap to many observers with a jump from one career field to another. However, my resume indicates that my various positions over this period have been upwardly progressing evolving and developing. My work experience at Mast Industries led to a position of Financial Analyst at Sycamore a subsidiary of Citi Group. This four year period was fundamental in improving my understanding of the capital markets and various models associated with the markets. My Chinese background again gave me additional opportunities here as I monitored investee organizations in China. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, I was able to get a position at China Direct a US Owned organization based in China. I work with companies in China to prepare business plans and also converted the filing system to English.

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