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Saul, being quite depressed sought to find someone who could play the harp to comfort him. The man his servants found was David. The servants brought David to King Saul and David and his skillful playing found favor in the King’s sight (1 Samuel 16:23). God had used David’s talent to bring him into the presence of royalty. Saul was unaware that this young man had been chosen as his successor.

The next story is perhaps the best-known story of the Bible and the incident that set David on the way to be King. The story finds the armies of the Philistines pitted against the army of Israel. As a shepherd, David was quite an astute hunter and had out of necessity defended his flock from lions and bears (1 Samuel 16:34-35). King Saul had armored David, but David was not comfortable in the helmet and armor, so he took them off. Armed with a staff and five smooth stones, which he put in a shepherd’s bag we confronted the giant Philistine, who laughed at him and cursed him (1 Samuel 16:43). David comes back, vowing to take down his armed enemy in the name of God, so that “all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.” Once again, God has used a skill David acquired because of his humble beginnings to set the wheels in motion. He did as promised and delivered the Philistine’s head to Jerusalem. The Israelites fell in love with David and Saul became insanely jealous and wanted him dead, making numerous attempts on his life (1 Samuel 18-30). The first attempt came in 1 Samuel 19:12-18. Mical, his wife, and daughter of King Saul warned David and he escaped, finding refuge in Ramah. King Saul found him and David fled to Nob (1 Samuel 21:1-9) then to Gath and then to Adullam, where 400 men joined him and declared him their leader (1 Samuel 22:1-4).

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