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Research on father-child involvement reveals that Fathers are important for children; they provide a calming influence on the children as fewer conflicts take place in their presence, it is not because of the symbolic authority associated with father rather it is more because of the sense of security and protection that the children feel with their fathers is not there with the mothers. Fathers are also sensitive to children they are able to set the limits and boundaries for their children more effectively then mothers, in addition, they also encourage moral and emotional stability which is provided in the beginning is very important for children as they grow older. Another very important feature is that Fathers play with children differently than mothers. Fathers play vigorous games with the children like bouncing the children and lifting toddlers in physical play; mothers, on the other hand, prefer to play more gentle games or present an appealing toy or read. Fathers’ play seems to be more bodily exciting, therefore; children seem to favor fathers as play partners.

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