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The strengths-based approach is one which can be used in various domains. When it is used in a content domain, it can certainly yield positive results; often the results are better than those produced using a deficit based approach

Competence-based prevention was amongst the domains which were studied (Maton et al). In this domain, the deficit based approach would treat the problems which already existed whereas the strength-based approach focused on building up the competencies so that the problem could be stopped from having to be faced. For instance, the deficit based approach would focus on a specific child having a problem with conduct as well as academics and would try to treat the problem of misconduct as it would occur. The approach would perhaps offer to tutor to the child in order to deal with the academic problem. The strength-based approach, however, would try to develop skills in the child as he/she developed, which would provide enhanced academic performance from the beginning of the…

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