Motivation is very much required in a workplace. This is the only way in which workers will do well and strive for better results. Motivation is also the key to achieving job satisfaction. Providing motivation to the employees of a firm is generally the job of the human resource department of the firm. Each HRM department has a different way of dealing with their employees and different ways of motivating them. This is because various motivational theories exist in the business world. Two of these theories will be discussed in detail in this article.

–          Maslow

Maslow developed the motivational theory which focuses on the psychological needs of the employees. According to Maslow, for an employee to be satisfied with his working environment and be willing to do better, these psychological needs must be fulfilled. These needs of a worker have been given a structure-hierarchy due to their level of importance. It is only when the lower level of the needs has been fulfilled can the worker be motivated to achieve the others.

Maslow bases his theory on the needs of employees which must be fulfilled in order to motivate them to do better. Providing incentives and giving them the opportunity to excel is one way in which workers can be motivated to work harder and do better in the firm.

–          Herzberg

Herzberg believed in a theory which had two basic factors contributing to a workers motivation. According to Herzberg, if a firm is able to provide certain factors to the employees for those to work harder, their motivation level would certainly increase.

Factors which can be held responsible for increasing a workers motivation were aspects of the job itself. Such factors included the amount of responsibility which is given to a worker, the opportunity to be rewarded and recognized in the firm for good work, bonuses and incentives, hygienic working environment, cooperating management etc are all factors which if available will motivate a worker to work harder. Herzberg focuses more on the factors which accompany the job, rather than the job itself. If these factors are properly introduced into a firm, there is no chance that the workers will not be motivated.

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