Motivation is related to any task which you may have been given to carry out. Motivation to do something only comes from having two things; an interest in that particular task you have been assigned to do and having a set goal toward which you are working.

Being able to motivate yourself and those around you is not a task which everybody can handle. Being able to motivate individuals is a skill which many people do not possess. However, it is only with the help of motivation that you are able to get results in any kind of work. In order to maximize motivation in others, the following are some points which could come in handy.

–          Providing incentives: when you reward people for any work they have done, it is likely that they would want to do it again and it is likely that the next time they will be more effective and productive.

–          Never threaten with consequences: if you threaten others with the negative consequences of a certain thing, it is unlikely that they will do a better job. Instead, they will probably turn against you.

–          Provide instructions: if your employees are aware of what needs to be done, it is obvious that they will do a better job of it. This will motivate them to do better and please you and your superiors.

–          Provide goals: when people have goals, they are automatically motivated to work harder and meet those goals.

–          Be kind: by being kind to your employees, you are probably going to get more work out of them than by being mean and demanding. Create a homely work environment rather than a hostile one. This will bring about better results in work.

–          Provide deadlines: many people work better if they have a deadline to meet. By providing deadlines, you will be able to motivate your staff to work harder and be more focused on their work.

–          Give worker recognition: if you give your employees recognition for any work which they have carried out which is worthy of praise, do so. This will enhance their spirits and motivate them to work harder.

The above points can help you increase motivation in your staff at work and get a better result from them. This will also keep a healthy and successful work environment in your place of work.

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