Sample Essay – Nike

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Abstract: how the company Nike originated and developed into what it is today in the shoe market industry. How through determination it has reached its level today.

Nika Bill Bowerman, co founder of Nike as well as the former track coach for the University of Oregon stated that if anyone has a body, he is an athlete (NikeBiz). It is through this mindset that the company Nike is able to conduct its business. They consider every individual to be an athlete and hence each person could be a potential consumer. The word ‘consumer’ is one which is used quite commonly however when the co-founder of Nike makes use of this term, he uses it to refer to the shoe industry. Having a unique marketing strategy along with their individual philosophy of catering to customers and to the market in general, Nike has been able to create a name for it and has become amongst the most demanded and recognizable names in the shoe industry and certainly has a logo which everyone admires and remembers.

Nike is really a Victory Goddess which was born in the year 1972 when Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) launched its very first branded show for the United States Olympic field and track try outs. Blue Ribbon Sports was created by Phil Knight who was a former member of the track team at the University of Oregon. Phil Knight himself was coached by Bill Bowerman and he then went on to become part of the alumni at the Stanford School of Business. It was in 1962 that Blue Ribbon Sport came into existence due to Phil Knight making a business deal with a Japanese shoe company known as Onitsuka Tiger Company. The deal was made in order for him to be able to import shoes into the United States of America.  His main idea behind this was so that he could sell the shoes at a lower cost yet make sure that the shoes were of high quality. Since he was a man of high ambitions he also wanted to remove Adidas from its top position in the market. It was in 9164 that…

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