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The center itself is a center of tranquility in the middle of the city. It is not just a mosque, as the social and the cultural lives of the Muslims revolve around the activities provided by the center and its staff. Once inside there is a feeling of peace and calm as people silently go about for their different tasks. The center acts as a link between Muslims and their religion as people gather there for Friday prayers which are prayed in a congregation and also other discussions seminars and workshops are also held at the center not just limited to the Muslim community only.

The center also offers Saturday and Sunday school where children attend to learn more about their religion this is an essential part of any Islamic cultural center.

Special arrangements are made in the Holy month of Ramadan when arrangements are made when the evening or Maghrib prayers are said and Iftar with dinner is served every day at Maghrib or sunset. Arrangements are also made for night prayers during Ramadan for Isha night prayer as well as the prayers offered in Ramadan (Taraveeh).

On the whole, the visit to the mosque is quite enlightening, the mosque itself a beautiful building which stands up as an embodiment of the traditional mosque with western-style construction. In addition what is very surprising is the amount of time spent by people makes the activities of the center meaningful for the Muslims as well as for those who want to learn and contribute to the center and its things. The emphasis is for creating an environment which is both welcoming and friendly.

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