Go online and compare the marketing strategies of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. What age group is each targeting? Why do you think about this?
There’s an old saying that, “two good marketing people can make up for one bad technology decision.” Is it a certainty that a company will lose out on new opportunities if it does not keep up with new technology? Explain your position. Can you think of an industry segment where the technology may not play an important role?
What do you think is the greatest problem today with respect to ethical business practices on the Internet? What solution would you offer?

List the six actors in the company’s microenvironment. Next, go to the Walmart Web site, scroll down to the Investor Relations section, and click on the most recent annual report. How many of the six microenvironment actors can you find? Briefly describe each.

Imagine you are the owner of a small children’s clothing store that specializes in upscale girl’s fashion from size 2 to 8. You have found a potential clothing line, but you are unsure whether or not the line will generate the sales needed to be profitable. Which type of research methodology (exploratory, descrip­tive, or causal) is best suited to solve your research objective. Why?

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