This term paper examines the mental illness, major depressive disorder.

1,400 Words (Approx. 5.6 pages), 4 Sources, MLA, 2006.


This term paper defines major depressive disorder and describes its effects on a person suffering from it. Major depressive disorder is a mental illness most prevalent among women but lately, the number of men suffering from the disease is rising too. The term paper discusses symptoms of the major depressive disorder and its possible treatment. Furthermore, the author of the term paper looks into the future and analyzes how the disease is expected to rise among people with changing lifestyles and workloads.

From the Term Paper

Major Depressive disorder is a mental disorder also referred as the ‘common cold’ in psychiatric terms since it is one of the few types of mental illnesses that are treatable. Major depressive disorder is a serious psychiatric condition, which, if not intervened by a professional psychiatrist in initial stages can trigger more severe symptoms and even death in some cases. The disease has no age restrictions and can affect a young child to an old man. The symptoms of the disease include loss of interest in daily activities, obsessive negative thoughts about suicide and failure, loss of appetite, feelings of worthlessness, insomnia, guilt, irritability and poor concentration……

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