Maintaining Medical Records requires the appropriate software and is essential both for the patients and physicians. This is the reason hospitals use software that ensures “one patient, one record” approach which helps physicians hospitals and individuals. Millions of patients can easily access their records via the internet and this is the same chart used by their doctors. This software is used by patients to schedule appointments, obtain test results and also print growth charts. Such software’s are self-supporting individual health record and makes the record perfect with the capacity of being used or operated reciprocally according to needs and requirements.

This health chart can be accessed from anywhere in the world into and it provides information whenever the patient needs it because health information technology system has multiple applications. It supports clinical research as it helps in the study of disease and ascertaining its origins. The most useful advantage of using Medical Records is the enormous amount of money that will be saved in programs like Medicare. Administrative costs will prevent costly medical errors due to insufficient medical records. Electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) are becoming necessary for education purposes as many medical schools have made it part of their curriculum.

An important reason for the use of EMRs and EHRs is that patient privacy has to be protected to prevent the misuse of this information. Measures designed to prevent students from unauthorized access to medical records is the biggest obstacle for the free use of medical records and students are usually observers and not users of EMRs. One other issue is that the basic purpose of EMRs was support for hospital billings, not for use in medical education. Addressing this core issue can is a technological problem because the software was designed by professionals whose focus was not medical education.

Another fact is that EMRs do not communicate effectively with computer systems. Some colleges have implanted EMR in medical student’s know-how because they feel very strongly that students have value added roles during clinical training. Some universities have created individual EHR which allows students to write directly into patient records because patient notes get copies automatically to a separate server that serves the student’s electronic portfolio. This adds to student’s evaluation and reasoning skills. Systems study is now an essential aspect of the medical school curriculum that is being developed by the UCSF so that in future students will be able to study and provide care through EMRs.


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