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Reports of the uprising, rebellions, and slave uprisings spread often in Louisiana, and Louisiana was not a calm place. From 1729 to 1810 familiar, armed revolutions included four by slaves, two by white landowners, and five by Native Americans.

Genuine slave rebellions did not take place that frequently. A failed slave rebellion occurred in 1730 led by a slave named Samba. In 1795, Point Coupee Parish was the location of a slave revolt linked to the continuing slave rebellion in St. Domingue. Fifty-seven blacks and three whites were found guilty of planning a revolt and twenty-three were hanged. The St. Domingue slave insurrection, which began in 1791, brought 10,000 new settlers to Louisiana, generally slaves and their French owners. Another group of St. Domingue refugees arrived in 1809-1810. (Thrasher 43)

The largest slave insurrection in the history of the United States happened in January 1811 about forty miles west of New Orleans, Louisiana. The revolution took place along the river road within St. John the Baptist and St. Charles parishes, a district of Louisiana that was called the German Coast (Côte des Allemands). Possibly as many as 500 slaves took part in the uprising as they sought to free themselves through the force of arms. On this date in 1811, Black slaves insurgent against their white masters in Louisiana. Charles Deslondes and other slaves began the revolt on the plantation of Manual Andry.

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