The much-awaited Kerry – Lugar bill has been passed by the Senate and the house of representatives of USA unanimously. The bill carries a package of $7.5 billion to Pakistan in five years with a lot of conditional ties attached to the bill. The democratic government of Pakistan is highlighting it as a great success while the opposition, the media, the intellectuals and the conman man are calling it a complete sellout of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Doubtless, Pakistani economy is in shambles and facing a severe financial crunch and it cannot sustain without aid but to succumb to the conditional ties attached to the bill would be suicidal to a nation of 170 million people.

It is believed that the Indian lobbyists have played a vital role in changing the original draft of the said bill to a great extent. For instance, Pakistan has been put in quarantine to strictly follow the guidelines of the bill including access to nuclear proliferators, selection of military high ups with US consent and to top it all India and Afghanistan have been allowed to monitor the progress of government other than the USA herself. If any untoward incident takes place in India or Afghanistan the aid shall be withdrawn immediately. It is really ironical that Pakistan leadership is showing no sign of statesmanship and conditional charity is being projected as a great achievement. It is high time for the people sitting in the corridors of the power to debate this controversial bill in both houses of the parliament, keeping in view the aspirations and sentiments of the people by sending a clear and loud message to the single super called aid will turn out to be a trap which might engulf the whole nation.


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