Argumentative Essay

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There are some moral and ethical dilemmas that not only cause individuals to think but to react in different manners. They make their decisions and judgments based on different philosophical theories. This paper discusses utilitarianism and deontology both theories try to give answers to moral dilemmas. Utilitarianism is the name given to the moral theory proposed by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill it proposes that a deed can be judged to be ethically correct if, and only if, that act gives more utility or pleasure than any other course of action that may be performed. A “good” action is merely one that leads to the greatest total happiness. A deontological principle, on the other hand, discusses moral decisions from a very different outlook. Deontological ethics states that humans have to act in definite ways, regardless of the degree of satisfaction produced. In addition, since Deontology does not have a logical basis or a rationale for an individual’s duty, therefore, actions don’t have a rationale to support it instead the duty supersedes any possible consequences. This paper argues in favor of the deontological approach and will evaluate the cases discussing both the ethical views.

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