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In 1917, an artist was born in America, named Jacob Lawrence. The birth took place at the time when his parents were migrating from New Jersey to South. He belongs to an African American origin; therefore, like most of the African Americans during this time period, his parents were also the part of the great migration of black southerners. He was a child at the time of depression in New York. The first school was Harlem; there he started taking the art classes in after-school programs. He thought of the notable African American artists Charles Alston and James Lesene Wells, who were mentors of Lawrence. A muralist, sculptor, the artist was the characteristics of Charles Alston. Charles was the graduate of Columbia University, he later organized the Utopia Neighborhood Center, of which Lawrence later became a member. The center was art program meant to be after-school programs. This is the place where Jacob first gave poster paints and other Arts materials., who later organized the Utopia Neighborhood Center, of which Lawrence later became a member. The Utopia Neighborhood Center was an after-school arts program were Lawrence was first given poster paints and other Arts materials. (John Duggleby, 1998) James Lesene Wells also had a great influence in the life of Jacob Lawrence. He was a painter and program director and soon become a professor at Harvard University for Arts subject. Project Administrators make the Government to Sponsor the classes which will be later become a source of Jacob Lawrence to won a scholarship as American Artist in New York. Harry Gottlieb, was also the class fellow of Jacob for two years, he was later developed as an artist too. (Peter T. Nesbett, 2001).


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