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People are usually measured in terms of their educational achievements and careers, and a majority of African American children tend not to respond well to intelligence tests, however, this does not mean that they less intelligent or cannot do as well as the white children. The fact is that they come from a different ethnic background and their values, beliefs and upbringing are different from the majority, in addition, they go to school aware at a very young age that they are different.

It is generally assumed that African American children do not do as well on cognitive tests such as intelligence and ability tests and preschool readiness tests as do white children.   It is frequently understood that intelligence tests and cognitive tests more commonly, have intellectual preconceptions and may not be same across different cultures.  Therefore, what these children face in school is a biased system, which judges them negatively. It is a fact that tests and testing situations may have separate implications for subgroups coming from backgrounds other than white middle-class.  Brooks-Gunn et al persuasively argue,  “Cognitive ability tests have been constructed based on Eurocentric values, which are different than Afrocentric values (as well as other cultural values).” (Brooks-Gunn et al., 1996)

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